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Post  Epic Fist on Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:05 pm

For those of you expecting a link to a kung fu porno flick, I apologize ahead of time for the misleading topic post. But since you are here now, allow me to properly introduce myself...

Epic Fist of Chicago and Beyond! Total geek and multi-genre gamer, man of a million faces, names, with a voice in the head for each one. Sorry its taken me this long to warm up, past gaming guilds had left me jaded and shy about expressing myself and letting people get to know me. My geekdom can be a bit overwhelming, but I am confident you all can handle it, especially after witnessing the awesome and amazing shenanigans in vent Razz

I want to thank everyone for helping me in game as well as welcoming me to the fold. I haven't had an opportunity yet to look out for you all like you have looked out for me, so fyi if anybody needs help with ANYTHING when I am logged on, please feel free to let me know. I don't want to just benefit from your generous natures, I look forward to contributing as well (mamma didn't raise a mooch... regardless what pappa might say.). Special thanks to WarNPeace and EbonyRaven for finding me right after the the split and making sure I stayed on the side of Awesome, also to Stampede, KnightRaven, LordSilent, and Blossome for looking out and towing the line for the new stuff my main hadn't experienced yet as well as helping out my squishy ass alt. And an overdue thanks also to Leman Russ, for all the help you gave in my early days with the Phantoms as well as being Primarch to the awesomest Space Marine chapter in the Universe. Space Wolves pwn face.....FOR THE EMPEROR!

Alright then. See you all on the other side.

Epic Fist

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Enter the Epic Fist! Empty Re: Enter the Epic Fist!

Post  EbonyRaven on Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:43 pm

LOL Most welcome for the fun and assists. Happy to have another total awesome geek on board. Only thing I gotta say is ... pwn is not a word, we do not use it. Razz LOL

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