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Post  Guest on Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:58 pm

Healers Job
1: Stay Alive, top priority, if you die so does everyone else.
2: Keep other People Alive

1: Most important stat is Restoration without it your worthless.

1: In raids do not worry about damaging. If you accidentally draw Agro you will either waste power healing yourself or be dead. It is not your responsibility in raids to keep your own power up. That's your controllers job.
2: If attempting to do damage avoid AOE attacks I.E. auto fire pistol attacks. It will draw adds to you again your dead. I see this all the time with healers in game. Avoid drawing Agro to yourself.
3. Remember line of site healing in the game. This gets old on boss fights. I try to keep an angled view if who I'm healing with something between me and boss if possible.
4. If you do draw Agro stop drop and roll. Do not worry about healing. By time for yourself till tank can draw mob off you.
5. Not a must but a strategy I use on bosses. I try to not dps unless necessary. Heals don't slOw down your speed while dps does. It increases survivability on some bosses. I only dps when I'm completely out of Power or super long fights.

To be continued!!


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Post  EbonyRaven on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:46 pm

This is so true, about little to no damage. Not only does it give you something else to think about instead of watching the health of your people, you run the risk of a tunnel vision, Ive said to myself so many times ... "boss is so close just a little more damage and hes down" and then my tank goes down cause im not healing im thinking too much about the boss. I got much better when I stopped doing that

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