DCUO going free to play means the return of an old ally

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DCUO going free to play means the return of an old ally

Post  Freeze Wave on Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:12 am

Hello all, Freeze Wave here, its been a long time since ive chatted with ya all. gotta say out of all the mmo's ive played, you guys helped make DCUO the most memorable, i chose to quit a good long while back because of financial problems and being unable to get sony online to change my fee from 30 bucks a month for all the sony games, back to just 15 for dcuo. However with the announcement of DCUO going free to play i may well be returning to the guild, i do miss dpsing and having a shit ton of fun with you guys and hope to see some of you when i get back, to any who decided to read this and know me, thanks, see ya soon, to any people who are in the guild that i dont know or dont remember, hope to meet ya soon,

thanks again and have fun heroes and villains.

Freeze Wave out.

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