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Post  EbonyRaven on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:11 pm

EbonyRaven was born Kira Raven in New Orleans, LA. She was raised in a fairly normal environment with her twin brother Corbin Raven. They both left home to attend Gotham University at the age of 18. Kira to persue her dream of becoming a doctor and Corbin to be closer to his idol Batman and protect Kira. To pay the bills Kira secretly got a job as a stripper at the Gotham Tap Room (Corbin would NOT approve). Unknown to her of course this was one of the villain secret hideouts and she had become noticed by Joker. Tired of Harley and her whiney ways he decided he wanted Kira has his main squeeze but he needed a supervillain at his side.

Learning her routine he discovered that her and her brother ate at the Big Belly on a regular occassion so he made sure some exobytes got in and contaminated the food so that Kira would gain super powers. Was totally hoping she got super strength too ... bow chika bow wow. He figured no harm if others became infected as well.

At first she had no idea of her newly gained powers, life continued as usual for some weeks, though she became aware of Joker coming to the club on a regular basis and tipping quite well. He didn't speak much, just watched with that creepy ass smile of his. She neved did like clowns much, and this one was giving her nightmares. She wanted to tell her brother, but she knew he would just get himself killed.

The first sign of her new powers manifested when Harley discovered the Jokers shift in affections. One evening after work Kira was walking home when she heard an insane female laugh and suddenly that crazy ass bitch was spinning at her with a huge hammer. Freaked out, scared and not sure what to do, Kira started to run but she kept getting stunned and knocked down (where the fuck is the giant shift button in real life yo?). Then suddenly she felt better and there was bright glowing rings around her (acid flash back? no not this time). The healing and defense protection she had unconsiously summoned gave her enough time to escape Harleys wrath and she ran home.

Unable to keep this event from her brother, since he was home when she slammed into the apartment looking ragged and scared witless she told him what had happened with Harley and then had to explain all about the Joker and his creepy stalkerish attention. Not even bothering for more information or to listen to her pleas to leave it alone ... her brother went searching for the insane clowns to teach them a lesson about messing with his sister. Kira followed of course and in the fight that insued realized she could summon these healing powers at will and share them with her allies. Her brother never got past the joker goons, but he too learned he had been affected by the exobyte contamination, unfortunately the only thing he gained was the ability to summon wings and fly.

While he did enjoy the thrill and freedom of flying, Corbin felt a bit cheated that it was his only power. Cheated and scared not knowing how he could protect his sister if all he could do was fly (especially from batshit crazy clowns and his fucked up insane bitch of a girlfriend). Corbin had always been a huge fan of Batman. But really how the hell do you hook up with a legendary hero? Especially a paranoid fuck like Batman (seriously how big is that cave underground?). One night about 2 days after Harley attacked his sister Corbin decided he needed to do something. (hot or not that crazy clown chic had to go down).

Corbin snuck out of the fleabag motel they were hiding in and made it to the East End police station where he climbed onto the roof without being noticed. He had always been pretty good with electronic and electrical equipment (ie he was a gaming geek) and he was able to hack into the controls for bat signal (thats right HACKER! hello weapon of choice Rifle AND Martial Arts doh!) and settled down to wait for the bat. Finally Batman showed up (must have been with the leather cat cause it took him some time to show up) The B-man was a pretty pissed off Hero not to mention the Commissioner, Harvey Bullock, the head of the scu and about 30 cops. (this could possibly have been more thought out but his sister was in danger and not even a pissed off Batman was gonna stop him). It took several hours of fast talking to keep his ass outa Jail and a few more to convince Batman to take him as a student (Plus Kira worked a little um magic but shh dont tell her brother that). Eventually Batman saw that he was right if Joker had taken an instrest in his sister then he wasnt gonna let it go so he agreed to train them both. Corbin learned how to build and use gadgets and while working out he learned that he had gained an incrediable strength as well. To truly test them Batman gave them the code names EbonyRaven and KnightRaven and proving he can be quite a bastard got them stuck on a Brainiac ship to see if they could escape. Once they escaped they began doing missions for Batman and the rest of the Justice League.

They were usually a duo on these missions but occassionaly they were sent seperate ways. One such time KnightRaven was asked to assist the Green Lantern Corp and he met up with a big guy that had the power of fire. Clearly this guy was mentored by Aquaman cause he really didn't know what he was doing at the time. War was leader of a fledging league of superheroes (most of whom never left there homes) and invited Knight joined with the Phantom Regement (yeah yeah its spelled wrong, get over it already peeps). Soon Ebony joined them and War dubbed them the Wonder Twins. Thus started a new journey where the 3 of them attempted harder missions and lost much blood and spent the Wayne millions on repairs. Along the way they met many people that could tolerate alerts with them and the league grew to great proportions. Knight continued to do what he always as done ... protecting his sister. But now he helps to protect the world as well and has an entire league of heroes and friends to help him protect his sister and the world.

Ebony has recently discovered her powers can also be used for damage .... so you best watch out crazy clowns. Twisted Evil

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Post  LordSilent on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:19 pm

Hides his clown nose.* Razz Nice


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Post  Epic Fist on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:22 am


I'll help keep Harley off your back, no worries. Its a nasty job, but thats what friends are for!

I found this as informative as well as amazingly entertaining. I shall be sure to ask War how that mentorship with Aquaman is going

Epic Fist

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