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Post  WarNPeace on Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:17 am

Hello Phantoms,
First off im sorry for the inconvienience of the current situation. Having this happen while I am dealing with health issues hasnt helped either. But In this I see opportunity. In the past several months the Phantom Regiment has picked up a bad reputation. Among the Villians, who are MOSTLY unfounded accusations and among people I have come to know as friends and allies. I have allowed the league to become divided and cliques to form among its members. Now I am looking at my Phantoms and seeing everything I hated about other leagues. For that I am sorry, to my members and to those who have been enjoying the change it is about to come to an end. As of tommorrow I will begin reforming MY Phantoms the way I had intended and the way that made it what it is! My time will be limited due to my current health issues but I will at least get some invite powers going. Some will not be asked back, ther are a few that share a different vision of a league and the game and to them you do not belong here. Some will have to make a choice wether or not they want to be a part of what the Phantoms is about and stay to help rebuild or go to join there new found friends in whatever path they choose to follow. Phantoms has always been about Hero building and teamwork and it is going to be that again. We will rebuild our alliances and friendships with others and make Phantoms the League to be part of again.

All decisions have been made by me and NO ONE ELSE! do not pester the people with invite powers for following my orders. If you have any issues with my decissions take them up with me when I return to full health. Any argueing or harrassment of my inviters will get you immediate expulsion from the league for being UNABLE TO READ!!!!!!

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