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Secret Identity: Lexi West
Hometown: Midwest City, Ok
Parents: Unknown
Lexi was born in a small town in Oklahoma. She was orphaned at 8 months of age due to her parents being killed in a freak boat accident while water skiing. Finally adopted by the high school track coach at age 6 she found a home with 2 loving parents. Growing up she had a love for all sport that involved speed. She also had a deep respect for science, and felt that someday it would provide her a way to change the world. Lexi thought she had the world at her feet when she received a track scholarship at Baylor University, but tragedy struck again. Her adopted mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died 3 months into her first year of school. It was at that moment she dedicated herself the science and medicine.

After finishing at the top of her medical school class and at same time getting her PHD in research she moved herself to the South American Rain Forrests to search for a cure to Cancer. She researched plant and insect life for 5 years finding wonderful medicines for healing. She also ran into some fantastically poisonous plants and wild life. It was well into her 5th year in South America when a violent rain storm blew in that was charged with a strange energy. Lexi was in her lab when it hit. It destroyed her lab and almost her with it. Her saving grace was the storm was full of exobites that strangely took Lexi's 5 years of work and fused it with her DNA make up. She found after that when she felt compassionate when people were near death she could heal them, but at the same time when she became angry she could kill anything around her. Scared of her new powers she moved to Metropolis to seek the counsel of Superman.
From there Superman put her through many test to help her to learn to control her powers and emotions. It was slow going at first, but she perservered. It was in the middle of all these trials she met a League called the Phantoms that shared her same goals, and helped her to sharpen her skills and focus her emotions to help save humanity. Now she does battle beside these great heroes humbly healing them as they need, and occasionally losing control releasing a rage of damage when the situation calls for it.


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