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Post  dustygazonkas on Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:30 am

Name: Dusty Gazonkas
Affiliation: Phantom Regement (Senior regiment to Phantom Regiment....We are of the Illiterate Crowd.

Halotta Fagina, aka Dusty Gazonkas, was born on the planet Titocalous in the city of Nipplopalous. As a young boob Dusty knew she was destined for greatness and heroism. She began designing costumes, creating personas, designing villains and creating a world of her own. Throughout her life she was told she'd become nothing else but what her mother and father expected, Head boob and mother of a house full of little tittlings, but she knew better. At the ripe, voluptuous age of 16, Halotta made her voyage to the planet Earth to learn the ways of the hero's she so avidly watched on the boob tube (yes they get earth channels on Titocalous). With a million dollups in her pocket, and a young girl's dream of healing and aiding the worlds superheroes, the climbed aboard the S.S. Minnow Johnson, and trekked lightyear through lightyear to land in the wonderful city of Metropolis. Since she was still too young for great heroism, she knew she had to find a mentor to guide her through battles.
After a tense battle to escape the Minnow Johnson, Dusty's abilities were noticed by a powerful superhero named Wonder Woman who decided to take her under her wing. Test after test, battle after battle, Dusty toughed her way through boring missions, pointless quests, and bounties in order to gain respect from fellow members of the Justice Society, until one day she was met by a young tank, Sir Telon, who helped her to reach her peak in strength through missions, duo's and epic battles. After days and weeks of battling villains, healing team mates and proving herself to her mentor, she met the hero of her dreams, her Ebony Raven.
Now this meeting of all meetings just happened by chance, a casual conversation which turned into an everlasting love and devotion. Dusty would never let her twin fall.....not while she was around.
After weeks of searching, she found a home among heroes, became friends with a great many different characters, War the Whore, Bitter the Bitcher, MP the P.I.M.P, Merccy the Monkey, Mickey and Minnie (ccrruucciixxxxxx and the awesome angel) and so many more that should be mentioned. Through the guidance and groupship of mass gangbanging, loot stealing, and shit kicking, she became a healer among heroes, a partner in heroic crime.

Dusty's Heroin: EbonyRaven
Dusty's Arch Enemy: Just about anything she's too squishy to kill (which is just about everything). And boxes....damn those boxes
New Home: Metropolis cause Gotham is too damn depressing. And her womb, since that's where everyone goes for the office.
Stalker: Spectre and hopefully one day the beautiful Robert Downey Jr. Smile
Clothing: Less is Best but she covers the chest!
Weapon of Choice: Shit kicking pistols
Loadout of Choice: the circle of LLOOOVVEEEEEEE (and life when it's not ahem, defective)
Favorite Armor: The pretty new big girl wings of course!
New Alias: Titts McGee

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Post  Guest on Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:18 am

Awesome Dusty. You have a great sence of humor. Oh, and I think your obsessed with boobs. Are you sure you are straight?? J/K


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