Batman - Just to give you a bit of an idea for a format

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Batman - Just to give you a bit of an idea for a format Empty Batman - Just to give you a bit of an idea for a format

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Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Location: Gotham City

Team Affiliations: Justice League of America (JLA)

Although Batman has no powers per SE, when compared to the normal human being what he can do often appears to be superhuman. First and foremost is Batman’s keen intellect. Batman is considered by many to be the greatest detective in the world. With his mind, and supercomputer in the Batcave, he has been able to solve many problems, from seemingly random attacks by the Joker to the toughest riddles of The Riddler.
He is also an excellent tactician and strategist. Always thinking many steps ahead of his opponent. One would say that this is the reason he has been able to beat Superman, using his mind instead of his brawn to outwit the Man of Steel into his traps. Others might say that this can be seen as paranoia on Batman’s part, like when he built a satellite system to spy on super humans to keep tabs on them or when he had his secret files with ways to take down the Justice League.
Batman is also a master of many martial arts, hand to hand weapons, and close quarters combat. His body is in the pinnacle of human ability and has been honed by many years of training. He is also extremely agile and is an accomplished gymnast and acrobatic, with many years moving over the Gotham landscape to keep him on his toes.
Finally, with his vast wealth, Batman has amassed an arsenal of technological gadgets, vehicles, and weapons. From his ever trusty Batarang to the Batmobile, and utility belt, Batman is always ready for anything, using the powers of his company, to further research and development as his tool to acquiring whatever he needs to avenge his family and to protect Gotham City.

Interesting Fact:
Batman had files on each and every member of the Justice League of America, with key information on how to beat his own teammates.

Main Villains:
Two Face
Mister Freeze
The Riddler
The Penguin
Ra’s Al Ghul

Bruce Wayne is the sole survivor of the Wayne family. A rich and powerful family of Gotham City. During a visit to the cinema, the family wandered into a notorious part of Gotham City and was robbed by a mugger. The mugger shot both of Bruce’s parents and left them to die, scuttling away, never to pay for his crimes. Bruce was left alone and in the care of the family butler, Alfred. That day he made a vow to his dead parents that he would avenge them any way possible.
Bruce trained, traveled the world, and attended college, honing his mind and body with every way possible to fight crime. When he finally returned to Gotham City, his first outing was less then victorious. He word dark clothes and attacked some thugs, but was beaten to a pulp by the very people he tried to save. Bruce knew he had to try a different strategy.
When a bat crashed into the room, Bruce found his answer. He would dress in the guise of a bat, using an ominous costume to strike fear into his enemies, using that as his first weapon against crime. He designed a costume, using the latest technologies at the time and struck out as Batman for the first time.
Along the way, Batman would gain many allies in his crusade to rid Gotham of evil. First and foremost has been Jim Gordon, at first a detective and then later commissioner of Gotham. Batman knew that he needed the police to cooperate with him and not get in his way. Their relationship has been tenuous at times, but a strong bond of trust has formed between the two crime fighters, one inside the law, and the other out.
Batman has also had a few sidekicks join him, all under the disguise of Robin, Boy Wonder. The first was Dick Grayson, a circus performer who’s family was killed by the mob. Dick eventually dropped the mantle of Robin to become Nightwing, and has since worked to stop crime in Bludhaven a nearby town. Then there was Jason Todd, who appeared to have been killed by the Joker. Jason has recently reappeared though and has taken up the villainous role as the Red Hood.

The latest Robin to join Batman is Tim Drake, a young student who has greatly risen in the eyes of his teacher. Drake has since become a part of the Teen Titans.

Throughout all of his trials and tribulations, Batman has continued on his never ending quest to ride his beloved Gotham City of crime and evil. Some would say he has become paranoid in his later days, pushing those he could love far away to the point that they cannot hurt him. It would seem that Batman is truly conflicted, wanting to have the things his family had, love, children, and the like, but never able to truly attain these things, as they will only be in harms way as he continues to try to complete his vow to his parents, made on that fateful day in a cinema alley.

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